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About Angie

Angie Newton, Virtual AssistantHi! I’m Angie. I live in Chicagoland with my hubby of almost 21 years. I’m a stepmom of two and grandma. I’m also momma to two cats, Wilbur and Franklin and a Blue and Gold Macaw, Bam Bam. I love animals and Kev and I love to travel. The beach is my happy place. We love to snorkel and enjoy beautiful sunsets. Follow our travels:

I wear many hats at home and in my businesses. This site is my business hub where you’ll find links to sites I own, work I do and how to connect with me. I have been working from home since 2001. In the past, I worked in direct sales and have done home parties.

These days you’ll find me blogging, doing client work and helping others online. As a virtual assistant, I can help with a variety of tasks such as email and forum management, social media, customer service and more. You can read more about what I do on my LinkedIn profile.

I have also been the welcome committee at business conferences, worked the sign in table, was a mic runner, printer, you name it, I did it. Remember I love to travel so if you need someone to help with your next event, let’s talk.

I have been with my very first client, Lynn Terry of Clicknewz and Traveling Low Carb for over 12 years. You can feel comfortable putting your trust in me. I’m here to help you with your business too! Let’s connect.